Sunday, August 24, 2008

Apparently We Smell... :)

Background: immediately after church in the gym. Braden sees a couple who have a son and a daughter Jenna's age.

Braden: So when are you guys coming over for dinner?

Husband: Depends on our schedules. They've got me doing a lot of [insert military shift acronym here]. [briefly explains that it's a 24 hour shift and includes x amount of responsibilities]

[wife leaves rather hurriedly with her daughter]

Braden: Yeah, my schedule's really varied, too. [Pulls out pocket PC to pull up said schedule]

Husband: [mumbles something about finding his wife and kids and abruptly leaves]

Does anyone else find this a little strange? I think this guy did the same thing to Braden a couple of months ago when he was trying to invite them over. I mean, maybe he didn't know Braden was going to look at his schedule, but the start of the conversation was about dinner... Also, the wife seems to generally be social, but her abrupt departure without really saying anything puzzled me, because it's not like she doesn't like us. She always talks about how cute Jenna is, and had just mentioned how big Jenna was getting, etc. Maybe they just aren't down with socializing outside of church. The whole thing was just bizarre.

Both of us took showers this morning, I promise!!!


Braden said...

yeah, and I even used soap this time.

Carolyn said...

Weird indeed. It's the kind of situation that would have left me feeling all too self conscious. I'm always panicking about whether or not people really like me or our family. And almost always it turns out I'm over reacting.

Then again, maybe this particular family really IS too busy. Or maybe they do avoid social situations because they're shy. Or maybe their kids are really wild and they don't like to take them out in public! Who knows. I hope you don't take it too personally because you guys are cool. :-) And last time I was near you, neither of you smelled!

LintyPuppy said...

Maybe THEY smell and they didn't want you to keel over. You know how it is with the old pregnancy "dog nose".


Ker said...

Yeah, no worries, we're not overly offended. I just thought it was totally odd. We usually try 2 or maybe 3 times to invite a couple, and then if we keep getting blown off, we say ok, next couple! That happened with a different couple a few wards back, and finally we were just like, ok, hint taken. I think some people just don't like to socialize for whatever reason, and that's fine. A lot of times I don't feel like it, either!