Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recent Quotes

"I really can't fathom watching a whale all day, every day for years." - Ker, while watching snippets of a documentary on humpback whales and a scientist who has made studying them his life's work

After going through the Primary Presidency responsibilities in the handbook:
Braden: "So it's just an administrative calling. You don't really have to do anything." [joking]
Ker: "I should walk around the halls with an annoyed look on my face, so I look really busy."
Braden: "...with a clipboard. You can write funny stuff on it during Primary and see if anyone notices. [mimics writing] Poo-gas."
[Ker bursts out laughing at the thought of writing "Poo-gas" on a clipboard during Primary]

While feeding Jenna (she's got the "more" part down, but we're working on "please" and "thank you"):
Braden: "More, please? More, please?"
Jenna: "Mah? Mah?"
Braden: "More, please?"
Jenna: "Mmm..." [leans in for a kiss]
Ker: "She's already kissing men to distract them!"


annahannah said...

too, too funny. esp jenna. btw, you need a new picture up of your pride and joy. Looking forward to seeing you.

Braden said...


annahannah said...

nice!! pride and joy.