Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Appointment

I'm writing an update on the baby, since I had an appointment on Monday. I hadn't been in almost two months, since I had an appt. scheduled a week after I was suddenly in Ohio, which I obviously didn't go to. Anyway, we had noticed some swellings in my legs from pictures taken while I was on vacation, but it seems to have gone down now, and could have been from being on my feet a lot, plus I guess plane flights sometimes cause that. The baby's heartbeat is nice and strong, and I'm measuring 30 centimeters, which is right on track. She is totally hanging out on my right side, just like Jenna did. Except that this baby is currently breech, and Jenna never was. midwife is hoping that she moves into position within the next month, or they'll have to start doing some stuff to try and get her to move, and I've heard that that isn't real pleasant, although I don't really know what they do. The baby is currently positioned on the right with her head near my ribs, and her butt on my bladder (and let me tell you, FREQUENT trips to the bathroom), with her legs stretching out to the left. Or something like that...much breechiness.

I took the glucose tolerance test while I was there, since I should have had it done like a month ago. Next time I think will go for the lemon-lime drink. It's funny, I remembered the orange drink not being that bad when I had it with Jenna, but this time it was not very pleasant. It wasn't death or anything, but I didn't have the same "Oh, this isn't bad" thought this time around. I think maybe I drank it too fast, too; they give you five minutes to drink it, and I always worry that I'll run out of time, so I chug it. In this case, I was done in two minutes, and I felt kind of sick. Blech. Lemon-lime next time, baby.

Yay!!! I just called for the test results, and it's normal!!! That's a relief.

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Pamela said...

Hey, cousin. I can empathize with the annoyance of a breechy baby. Sylvia never turned. And her head was jammed up in my ribcage for those last two months. The heartburn was a killer for me. My OB never tried to manually flip her due to low amniotic fluid and a short cord. I'll keep sending good wishes for her to head in the right direction.