Monday, September 15, 2008

Weird Wedding Dreams

Last night I dreamed that I didn't have a dress to wear to Ryan's wedding.  My apparent solution to this was to mention it to my 10th grade English teacher, known for her big tent-ey, garish dresses.  She then insisted that she had just the thing that would fit over my 37 week belly.  It was, of course, hideous and drapey.  I believe it was red with beads.  Anyway, so then we're at the wedding, which must have been some kind of civil ceremony (you will shortly see why I deduced that, judging by what went on).  My English teacher was there, too, even though I'm pretty sure Ryan didn't even have her in high school, but hey, why not invite the masses?  While you're at it, why not invite Mr. B, our oh-so-beloved Chemistry teacher (who may be the only teacher that all four of us siblings were privileged enough to have)?  I digress.

So then whoever is in charge of announcing what's going on, the conductor, if you will, calls upon Dave Grohl to say the opening prayer.  Yes, you read that right: Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters.  He gets to the microphone and half-sings/half-says the prayer. 

I can't remember whether he brought his guitar or drums with him.  Does that even matter?  Dave Grohl gave the opening prayer at my brother's wedding. 

I think that's awesome. 


Ryan said...

wrong answer... I had Mr. "Thaaaat'll teach me" W. for science. Never had B, didn't even have facial recognition until like my senior year

Ker said...

Really? I could have sworn you had Mr. B. I guess you just lucked out. W was the man.