Thursday, September 18, 2008

Find Something ELSE To Do!!

Anyone who has watched a suspense or thriller-type show with me knows that I get very aggravated with the bad guys.  I just don't understand why they feel so compelled to do bad things, often to their own detriment, because they invariably make a mistake that gets them caught.  So while they are on their rampages against perceived injustices (or sometimes for no reason at all), a lot of times I will say what I'm thinking out loud: "Find something ELSE to do!!!"  Why can't they just go surf the internet or read a book?  I mean, go out to dinner or treat yourself to a movie!!  There are plenty of other things to do in life than commit crimes, people!  Grrr... 

I know this sounds funny, but my aggravation knows no bounds sometimes. 

The sentence "Find something ELSE to do" has been used in other situations as well, such as various times within the last hour, as I continuously tripped over Jenna while trying to make some guacamole.  I love my little girl very much, but there is something inherently annoying about a child constantly around your legs while you're trying to do something.  Especially when she just keeps saying please, and I haven't the slightest clue what she wants.  I'm thrilled that she's finally picked up on saying "Please", but I need to know *what* you want, and then you can say "Please"!  (Note: Jenna actually is usually pretty good about playing with stuff, and it's not very often that I trip over her, but today was certainly different!)

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