Sunday, September 14, 2008

First or Second or Third Trimester?

I want to start off by saying that I have been extremely lucky when it comes to morning sickness during pregnancy, especially during this current pregnancy.  Up until this morning, I actually had only thrown up once...when I was 16 weeks along.  And I thought that was odd, considering that a lot of morning sickness goes away at the end of the third trimester. 

Then came this morning.  I had just informed Braden that I wasn't feeling that great and that I wouldn't be going to Stake Conference.  Then we hung up (he's at a certification meeting-thingy) and I starting taking Jenna downstairs.  Long story short, my whole "clear-your-throat-forever-because-it-never-gets-cleared" triggered the classic "uh-oh-I-think-I'm-actually-going-to-throw-up-this-time" symptoms, and sure enough, there I was at 34 weeks, barfing again.  And so I ask you, gentle readers...what gives???  Like I said before, I know I haven't had to deal with the actual throwing up very much, and I am very grateful for that.  I'm just puzzled by the timing of when I actually have!  Weird, weird, weird. 

I know Carolyn can commiserate with me regarding this whole third trimester nausea!  Boo!!


Carolyn said...

Certainly it is odd. I can't figure out why my own "yucky mouth" symptoms have come back. But maybe this barfing experience was just linked to the throat clearing. I could see one following the other. Because of my allergies, I am also frequently clearing my throat. It always feels like I'm got "junk" stuck in there. In fact just this morning I took some OTC medicine for chest congestion and an expectorant. Hmm...yummy topic! Don't know if that stuff is safe in pregnancy, but I was desperate.

Ker said...

Well, the throat clearing thing was part of it, but it was also that I was pretty hungry and thirsty, and those two combined just made for fun times.