Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday Night Football

So I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Football (gotta love DVR!) and I just saw a play where the Cowboy's running back took the ball and evaded a few tackles and ran for 18 yards before being taken down.

That's not what is remarkable about the play, though.  What really stood out to me is that as the Cowboy's player started walking back toward his teammates, the Eagles player who had tackled him ran up to him and gave him a high five.  Something simple like that really impresses me.  That is true sportsmanship and I love to see it.  It is sad how much it stuck out to me because you so rarely see that in professional sports anymore.  People forget that although you really want to win, in the end it is just a game, so have fun and enjoy yourself and give props when props are due.

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