Tuesday, September 2, 2008

At The Farm

And yet more pics! These are from when we visited my grandma during the first week of August.

At the farm in PA with Great Grandma M.

Grandma trying (in vain) to keep Jenna on her lap

Me trying to let Jenna run off her energy on the farm shortly after the above pictures were taken

My view looking directly down at Jenna...is anything in the way?

I just love Jenna's expression as she's getting tickled by Grandpa M.

Jenna "opening" a present from (Great) Aunt BJ

Jenna cradling her present (a cute pink sweater; thank you!)

Jenna and Aunt BJ

Looking at the sunflowers by (Great) Uncle Clark's place (just a short walk down the hill from the farm)


Carolyn said...

Wow, Grandma Miller is looking really old. (Don't tell her I said so!) :-) How is she doing anyway?

Ker said...

She is doing okay; she's her same old "say whatever comes to mind" self, which is why I love her! :)