Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sharing Time Madness

(For those who aren't aware, Primary is the children's organization at church, and I'm now one of the 3 members of the "Primary Presidency".  This means that I teach two lessons of 15 minutes each to kids ages 3-7-ish and 7-ish-12 once a month, in addition to conducting at least once a month, along with other responsibilities.)

K, so I didn't die.  Just thought you all might want to know.  It went okay, even though the Junior Primary was rowdy, and the Senior Primary only had 4 kids show up, forcing me to improvise my large group activity.  And I did go like 10 minutes overtime, but that's because Senior got started late, and when I asked the Chorister if she wanted me to wrap up so she could do Singing Time, she said not to worry about it.  Well, I wish she had told me to go ahead and finish, because when I did wrap up, all 4 kids wanted to explain their drawings in great detail, so she really didn't have much time for teaching the songs.  But, for real...I did ask!  :)  Trial and error, I guess...I'll cut some stuff out next time.

I asked beforehand if I could sit down while I was teaching, and I did for a short bit, but then the kids couldn't all see me, nor I them, and it just kind of didn't feel right in a teaching situation when kids are being rowdy.  So I stood up for most of both lessons, and did a lot of walking around in heels, and boy, have I been feeling it since.  I am in a lot of pain, and my feet feel like they're not getting enough circulation.  As for other pain, let's just say that the baby has definitely dropped!  Nothing like the baby dropping for full-on waddlage.  Lately, I just feel so much slower than ever before, and I cannot get comfortable no matter what position I'm in.  And, yeah, me and the bathroom are like THIS.  Somehow, 4-5 more weeks seems interminable. 

Hee, hee...last night I was really having trouble sleeping, so after an hour I prayed that I'd been able to fall asleep quickly so I'd be well rested for teaching Sharing Time...and then I didn't fall asleep for at least another hour.  Anyway, that's not what's funny, but during the second hour, I was starting to get really upset with Heavenly Father, saying, "I prayed!!  I prayed!!  Why can't I fall asleep??!"  What an ingrate I sometimes am, getting all upset with H.F. for not immediately granting my prayer.  :)


Carolyn said...

Sing it sista!

I haven't had too much trouble with leg cramping this pregnancy, but I have had problems with my hands/arms going numb. It only happens at night and it's very annoying. If my numb arms aren't waking me up, then it's the pain in my hips or my bladder.

Actually, Kennedy woke up last night which is really unusual for her. But the light bulb in her night light had blown, so it was dark. Anyway, after I got back to bed, the baby had woken up and got the hiccups. So he was moving all around and my stomach was spasming with every hiccup. This kid isn't even born yet and he's keeping me up! :-)

As for uncomfortable feet/legs, I highly recommend compression panty hose. Yes, they're hot. Yes, they're hard to get on. And Yes, they are expensive. But they make a world of difference in circulation and swelling. And for heaven's sake, don't wear heals to church! :-) I worse my sneakers to church yesterday...with panty hose! Not very fashionable, but a lot more comfortable.
Good luck, babe, you and me just have a few more weeks to go!

Ker said...

Well, the problem with heels vs. no heels is that it depends on what I'm wearing. The clothes that don't fit me anymore go well with my comfy blue shoes, but now the only clothes that fit me are black or brown, and the only matching shoes for those are heels. Maybe I'll have to take your idea and bust out my sneakers. :)

Yeah, the baby keeps me from getting to sleep sometimes, too, just by general uncomfortable-ness or moving around excessively. Annoying! I mean, it's a cool thing to feel them move, but not so much as the due date gets closer.

Carolyn said...

And not so much when you're trying to sleep! :-)

I think most people cut very pregnant ladies some fashion slack. I frequently wear sneaker type shoes or flip flops to church. When you barely fit into anything and you've got big swollen feet, there's only so much you can do. And comfort always wins over style at this point! :-)

Ker said...

Oh, I'm allll about comfort, sista, and not just in pregnancy! :)

I'll have to see how my brown comfy shoes go with some churchy outfits I have. Thank goodness I only have to worry about a few more Sundays and finding stuff to fit into! :)