Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recent Family Quotes

Regarding Braden's recent penchant of filling a baby bottle with water
and putting Airborne in it (it turns a ghastly shade of yellow)
K: My husband drinks baby pee.
B: I prefer to think of it as baby emesis.

While "reading" a Go, Diego, Go book in Spanish
Diego: Nada!  (Swim!)
Jenna (all excited): Nana!!!  (she thinks he said "banana")

Ker: Eye! (pointing to Jenna's eye)
Jenna: Hi!!

B: Do you know who the highest-paid actor on TV is?  Charlie Sheen.
K: Ben Vereen, shrink to the size of a lima bean??!
B: Yeah!!  For 'Two and a Half Men.'
K: Who even watches that show??

After watching a mom get up from her seat at the mall play area and realizing that her "dress" *barely* covered her bottom:
K: (exchanges a couple of looks with B)
B: I know.
K: But isn't it our civic duty to inform her that she forgot her pants??  *I* would want to know!

B: (playing with Jenna's blanket by putting it over his and Jenna's heads) [Now] Hide Mommy!
J: (running over to me) Hi, Mommy!!!

While experiencing a lot of pain on her right side (and having said as much):
B (joking): So can you get the garbage together, do the dishes and take care of Jenna?
K: And *have* Katie?!

After giving J a bath:
K: Why is it that you're all dry, and I'm completely soaked? 

As seen on America's Got Talent:
Jessica Price: I owe my mother everything.  I wouldn't be here without her.
K: Well, yeah.

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