Monday, September 22, 2008

Value Pillage

So I took the Schmenna to Value Village just after noon today, specifically looking for some brown and black Sunday shoes (size 6! Big feet girl) for her.  Being as it's a Monday, I thought that I would look around and see what I could find for 99 cents.  Upon entering the store, I cast my eyes around and discovered that today's color was yellow, meaning that anything with a yellow tag was 99 cents, no matter what the actual price tag said.  I started to browse, and by the end of my time there (maybe a little less than a hour), I had encountered one, I repeat, ONE yellow tag (a dinky little baby hat that I wasn't even interested in).  This is unheard of at the other Value Villages I've been to.  That store was picked clean.  It probably was devoid of all yellow tags an hour after opening!  I was discussing this with Braden, and he thought it might be because of Back To School timing.  However, it seems to me that it's more of a store location issue.  The one down south that I used to go to still had 99 cent stuff even if you went in the evening (granted, not as much as earlier in the day, but still), and I think it's because that area has people that are more well off than in our current area.  I think that a lot of people who frequent the one I went to today really do rely on 99 cent Monday to get what they need...maybe it's the only day they go shopping.  Anyway, this is all conjecture, I mean, who knows...but it really was astounding to me that I came into the store a little over 3 hours after opening and only found one dinky little yellow tag that people probably just overlooked, or it would have been gone, too. 

One thing's for sure, though, I'm not at a point in my life right now where I'm going to duke it out with a large crowd of 99 cent fanatics at 9am at this particular store...did I mention that it's not in the best part of town?  Because it's not. 

I did find some very cute brown Sunday shoes for Jenna, though...but I had to pay full price!  (A whopping $5)  All she had were size 7 clumpy black shoes (which are cute, but they're way too big for her, although she did clump around all right yesterday at church), and some size 5 1/2 white sandals, which I wonder every Sunday if she's grown out of them.  Now, I don't subscribe to the "don't wear white after Labor Day" crap, but she did need some other colors because not all of her dresses go with white shoes. 

Still looking for some black shoes, but I think I may hold out and just use the clumpy size 7 ones we already have.  Kids grow so fast! 


Donna Shoop said...

Kerry, I found your blog from someone elses and I have enjoyed reading it, you're a good writer! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well, how exciting about having a baby soon! You can check our blog out at

Ker said...

Hi, Donna! Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you and your family are doing well...we miss the ward. :)