Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some September Pictures

At the park in the BIG swing

Idiot Man Boy of Smoker-ness is on the right

Jenna in her favorite place in the kitchen (wearing her "new", spiffy jacket)

Looking like she's about to lift some serious weights

Next to my desk chair (underneath her highchair)

Check out her "new", spiffy sandals/shoes. I love them!!

So this is a pinecone...

Contemplating the meaning of life sitting on a rock in a neighbor's yard

Okay, okay, I'll smile!

Wearing Grandma G's skirt

One of Mommy's few attempts at a ponytail

Um, I think these shorts are a little too big for me, Mommy

Pigtails are even harder than a ponytail!

Back in my cage :)

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