Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm over here at the computer looking through old posts, and Jenna is in the living room. She's sitting on the couch surrounded by clothes and toys and has been perfectly content for the last 10 minutes at least. That's unprecedented, especially since the gate is currently open...oh, wait, here she comes...and there she goes back into the living room again. I guess she just wanted to show me her tractor. :)

Oops, spoke too soon. It seems that she's back in her mood of "take stuff from a room and put it randomly in another room", even though I just spent 20-25 minutes cleaning up her mess from yesterday. This place seriously looked like a tornado hit it. I had had it and went on the cleaning warpath earlier. It's amazing to me how much mess ONE child can cause...let alone two, three, four or more children. Geez!

This live feed has been brought to you by Ker. Thank you, thank you very much.

Maybe the title should be "So You Think You Can Have A Clean House". :)


Kenney Crew said...

It's great to hear from you and to be able to keep in touch now. This advanced technology aka blogging is wonderful in so many ways.
As for tornado strikes throughout the house caused by little me's, good luck with that. I'm constantly finding handprints here and snack wrappers there and toys everywhere. With this move, I've been doing a lot of purging...I can't tell you exactly how many garbage bags are going to DI or to the dump, but it feels refreshing.
Talk to you later,
Oh, Sarah's last name is Moyer.

Ker said...

Merrilee - Thanks for commenting! Yeah, it is nice to get rid of a bunch of stuff sometimes. We always do that right before (and sometimes after) we move.

Ker said...

Here's Braden's comment:

I just wanted to post a comment to say that I'm sitting here at the computer. Oh, now Kerry is asking me to get ready for church. Now I'm typing again. Oh wait, now she wants to show me her new outfit (imagine that... a pregnant woman wearing maternity clothes - a new concept in the E household). Wow! She's a hottie! Okay, I'm back now. Oops, spoke too soon. It is time to go get Jenna up. Geez!