Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Will the Real Slim Jenna...

Okay, so she's not exactly slim right now. Chubby bubby is more like it. Regardless, I am happy to say that the Divine Miss J stood up on her own as of last Friday, and she is doing it more and more in the days since then. Last night, Braden watched as she stood up and sat down 4 times in a row! I came downstairs and saw 2 out of 4.

She still won't do it on command, though. Stubborn girl. Just like her mother. :)

I wonder how soon until she's walking?


Carolyn said...

Go Jenna, go Jenna, go go go Jeanna. No, really. GO Jenna. As in, start walking! :-)

I bet she'll be walking soon enough. You'll have to post some video clips of her new talents soon!

Megan & Jeremy said...

Thanks for the comments on our blog Braden :) Next time we're in Washington (which probably won't be for a verrrrrrrry long time) we will have to hang out so I can meet Jenna in person-it's fun when they start walking!

annahannah said...

where are the pictures??? I agree I want a video when she walks.

Although when they walk long before nursery age, they are harder to keep control of. Sorry to end with a preposition, eh?