Saturday, March 15, 2008

Most Hated Songs

So we've gotten really into American Idol this season, due to Braden's parents. There will be another post on that, BUT I was thinking about the songs I really can't stand, and let me tell you why. One of the contestants on AI this season picked a song that I loathe, and it was during 80s week. So I had to endure it twice, for Braden's sake, and I couldn't even really judge his singing of it. I'm so biased against the song that all I could hear was DEATH. Anyway, so here are some songs I can think of that I absolutely detest:

1. It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Celine Dion (this was sung by David Hernandez on AI a couple of weeks ago)
2. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion (are you sensing a theme? No, I actually do like Celine, but I like her much better in French...she just happens to have two songs on my death song list)
3. I Touch Myself - The Divinyls
4. B**** - Meredith Brooks
5. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meat Loaf

What are your most hated songs? We're talking about the songs that as soon as you hear the first note, you immediately change the radio station.


dan said...

What about "I'd do anything to touch myself (but my heart won't come back to me)" ?

Braden said...

What about the Barbie girl song?

Carolyn said...

love the barbie girl song!