Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The magic french fry

Today during the incredibly boring 8 hour lecture on neuro and stroke that I was subjected to (which is too bad, because I was actually looking forward to it), I had the chance to look through a bunch of pictures that I have previously taken with my pocket PC. So today I'm subjecting you to some of them.

This one is the magic french fry. Kerry and I were going to get haircuts many months ago and on the way we stopped at a fast food place and got something to eat. There was a problem with one of the French fries and so I rolled the window down a little and tossed it out, but it landed on the outside ledge of the window... and stayed there... and stayed there... and stayed there. The picture is after we had driven several more miles and arrived at our destination.

It's... tenacious.

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