Sunday, March 30, 2008


Last night we were all in the living room playing. I was in Jenna's tent, Jenna was just outside the tent door, and Braden was right behind her. Jenna's been standing up more and more in the last week, so she was at it again. She stood up and was not quite close enough to the tent opening, which she wanted to reach, so she took a step toward it...and then another step! Three steps in all. I was like, OH MY GOSH, after I saw the first step, and Braden started laughing. Then Jenna sat down hard on her rump, which is her way to get down from standing.

We don't think she was aware of what she was doing, and when we tried to duplicate the situation (with the video camera close at hand), she wouldn't even stand up, of course.

Also, today, when Braden put the tent (opening side down) over Jenna, she took a step towards him. We'll have to take Braden's word for it, since his exclamation of surprise startled her into sitting down immediately. I had run over there to see, but no dice. :)

It's just a matter of time now, follllllllks.

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