Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Treehouse of Coolness

Got this link from my old standby Mental Floss:


Everybody’s Treehouse was completed in 2007 at Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnnati, Ohio. Bill Allen of Forever Young talked to the New York Times about it.

Its 160-foot ramp winds among 14 trees (red and white
oaks, maples and ash) as it climbs 15 feet to a 2,000-square-foot house
with two asymmetrical cedar-shingle roofs that give it a
Hansel-and-Gretel look. The structure is made of tongue-and-groove pine
boards with an ipê-wood deck and has eight windows; most start 32
inches from the floor, an ideal height for wheelchair occupants. “For a
kid in a wheelchair,” Mr. Allen said, “it gives a different perspective
of what the world looks like, of what a tree looks like, of what a
forest looks like.”

A stronge collaboration between city officials, sponsors, civic
organizations, and construction crews meant this treehouse could be
built in record time -only 32 days! HBA Charitable Projects kept a photoblog on the construction of the Mt. Airy Treehouse. It is described as having “one of the most whimsical and complicated roofing systems ever seen”. (image credit: Jennifer Johnson)

Just wondering if my Cincy peeps have been there...looks like fun for the kiddos!


Carolyn said...

Never heard of it. Guess we'll have to check it out!

annahannah said...

hey, carolyn, let's go when i go down to the nati

Carolyn said...

assuming it's not snowing!