Monday, March 24, 2008

A Little Weird News #3

A Little Weird News for Monday, March 24, 2008:

1. Sometimes I try my hand at filming things that are important to me, but invariably, I mess up and it looks and sounds unprofessional. It is at times like that when I should just bite the bullet and let the real pros have a go at it.

2. For those who like the TV show 24, there is a little-known prequel to it that you should see. This is the first attempt, and unfortunately, it didn't quite cut it.

3. If you think online shopping is boring, you should try buying some of these products. Let the page load all the way before you do anything.

4. Here is one that is maybe only worth a minute of your time, but give it that minute. When the picture loads (I think it is Toronto), slowly move the mouse from left to right across the picture.

5. I got frustrated several times trying to figure this puzzle out, but in the end I did it, and now you have to as well. One trick that took me a few minutes to figure out (so much for reading the directions) is that you can rotate the puzzle pieces by using the arrow keys. Good luck.

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annahannah said...

I only know 24 from visiting you guys. Pretty funny prequel