Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fancy Feast

I sometimes read the occasional cooking blog, and one of them (I'm not going to link to it here) is from a certain person who shall be the subject of this post. Let me start off by saying he seems like a really nice guy.

He frequently makes very pricey meals and even more frequently, it seems, goes to fancy schmancy restaurants, and we are talking many course meals. How does this guy afford all these meals? I mean, these are the type of meals that are really, really expensive. Braden and I don't like if a meal ends up costing more than $15, and that's for both of us! And when I do make an "ethnic" meal or something like that, it has cheap ingredients or I don't make it.

This guy always takes pictures of what he's doing, so he posts each course and what it was. I'm never impressed. Probably only a couple few things have actually looked tasty (or even edible, really) out of the many meals he's posted online. I don't know, maybe I'm just uncultured when it comes to food, but I just don't get a lot of these meals. What's the attraction? What makes someone say, I'm fully prepared to drop the price of a plane ticket from Seattle to Cleveland on this dinner for two??? To me, spending $40 on dinner for two is almost unheard of. And even if I could afford to spend as much on food as he does, I would choose to use my money in other ways.

Maybe my palate is just not "refined" enough.


Carolyn said...

OR maybe that guy is just really really stupid with money. And probably as a booty load of debt.

Ker said...

hehe...booty load of debt is right. I don't know, we all have our vices, I guess. I just can't believe what some people are willing to pay for a "fancy" meal. And it's not even good food, IMHO!! I don't even get my favorite fettuccine alfredo from TGI Friday's except on very rare occasions because it's (gasp) around $13 or so, and this guy's probably paying more than that for one small piece of an appetizer plate.