Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snacky Snacky

Katie is a snacker.  She likes to eat a little bit, fall deeply asleep, and then wake up a half hour or hour later to eat a little bit more.  I'm not the best at waking her up from her deep sleep, although I try.  I've learned that putting her in her bassinet sometimes works, since that's where we actually *want* her to sleep, so she of course wakes up.  It's not working this time, though, so I'm debating going back to bed.  I know as soon as I fall asleep that I'll hear her crying again, though.  It never fails!  :)

Even changing her diaper didn't help this time.  Katie must be pretty tired. am I, little girl!

In other news, I can't remember if I posted about this, but Katie's very slight heart murmur is now completely gone and will not come back.  Yay!  The doctor listened to her chest again 2 or 3 days after initially hearing it, and she couldn't hear it at all.  So we were able to cancel the appointment with the cardiologist.  I am so sick of appointments.  Katie has been in to see the pediatrician like 4 or 5 times since her birth.  Thankfully, she is now starting to thrive, and I don't have to take her in again until her 1 month appointment. 

Changing the subject, the top panel on the garage door got horribly bent about 2 weeks ago when the back hatch on our new used van was open for some reason, and Braden didn't see it and opened the garage door.  We were lucky it wasn't damaged further, and that the van itself wasn't damaged, but the repair cost was still quite a bit.  Anyway, we have been parking in weird ways and weird places because the parking situation here totally bites, and the door FINALLY got fixed yesterday morning.  Thank goodness.  Now if only we could actually park both cars in our supposed 2 car garage.  Well, I suppose we could...if we just didn't expect to actually be able to get *out* of said cars once they were both in the garage.  What a novel concept!

Katie is still sound asleep.  I guess I will go back to bed, then.  I don't really have high hopes for a long sleep until I hear her again, though.  :0


Anonymous said...

Ah the joys of a new born! That's one of the reasons why I spend most of my time sleeping on the couch. If I crawl into my real bed I get even more annoyed when Ezra wakes me up.

Do you guys swaddle Katie?

Ker said...

Yeah, there have been some times on the couch, like when Katie seems to be waking up, so I come down, and then she goes back to sleep, sometimes for an hour or more. I appreciate the sleep, but I would appreciate even more if she would just wake up the first time!

We have tried swaddling her, but Mom and I don't think she likes it very much. I haven't been doing it for a few days.

Anonymous said...

With back sleeping, Ezra won't stay asleep unless he's swaddled. That is, unless he's sleeping on his stomach, which is a big no no. But when we're holding him he sleeps on his stomach, on our chest and he sleeps really well that way. Of course, we don't sleep so well that way!