Monday, November 17, 2008


Jenna has her gah-bee appointment today, otherwise known as her eye doctor appointment.  Gah-bee is Jenna's word for glasses.  Anyway, I'm home with Katie and waiting to be informed how it goes.  I of course hope that she won't need surgery, but, then again, if it will help her in the long run, I want her to have it.  If she does need it, at least she's older now.  Anyway, she desperately needs new glasses.  Hers are all scratched up from back in the day when she would take them off and throw them around.  I have no idea how she sees anything through them, but her eyesight is better than mine.  She can see the tiniest picture of Elmo from across the room and scream, "AH-LAH!!!"  Anyway, I hope we can get her glasses soon, but who knows, since our insurance company sent us a bunch of bills saying that we owe beaucoup bucks, because "oh, by the way, Katie's delivery and the hospital stay wasn't fully covered, and I'm sorry that you misinterpreted the plan, but pay us anyway."  Complete and total bull.  We specifically chose the plan that we did because this stuff was fully covered.  It says something when two pretty intelligent people read a plan and come to the same conclusion.  There must have been some fine print in there or something; I'm not sure.  Braden's impassioned phone call to the insurance company yielded no results; they won't budge.  We're both pretty mad.

Anyway, here's hoping that Jenna's appointment goes well.  I'll keep everyone posted.


annahannah said...

I am glad she says "ah-lah" instead of "Allah" because you would be death-threated and fatwa'd if she did

Ker said...

It actually sounds different than Allah to me...just a little bit, but enough. I think we're okay there. :)