Wednesday, November 19, 2008


-Jenna does not need surgery!  The doctor said sometimes when kids are 4 or 5, they may need it at that point, but for now, Jenna's eyes look good.  The prescription is the same, but we ordered some new glasses.  In case anyone is wondering, it's a bit difficult to find an optical place that sells glasses that are small enough for Jenna.  We called numerous places and ended up having to go to a pediatric optical store and special order the glasses. 

-Katie is sleeping much better at night lately, which I of course love.  I hope I'm not jinxing myself by mentioning it.  :)  Her thrush is still around, so I'm going to call the doctor.  I don't think the Nystatin medicine is working.  I hate, hate, hate medicine that you have to take multiple times a day.  I am horrible about remembering. 

-Jenna says "Kaydee-Gaba, Kaydee-Gaba" a lot these days.  Translation: "Katie-Grandma".  The two are forever linked in her mind, since they both came to our house around the same time.  We're still having to tell Jenna that Grandma went bye-bye.  This morning, we were pointing out her knees and mine, and she said, "Gaba knee?"  So Gaba will have to show some knee the next time we're on Skype.  ;)

-Ryan and Vicki and fam come up next week for Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to some company.  Braden has had a few days off this week, but when he works, it gets pretty lonely 'round these here parts.  I miss being able to just hang out with my mom and watch some "Snapped!". 

-We've been going to the dentist this week...ugh.  One of those things in life that needs to be done, but everybody hates doing it.  Here, bite down on this film that jabs into your cheek and gums...mmm.  :)

-We have an appointment at the pregnancy center tomorrow.  No announcement!  We just get to go once a month until Katie is a year old.  I'm excited to get some used fall and winter clothing for Katie.  I had Jenna in April, so my 0-3 and 3-6 clothes are mostly spring/summer-y.  I just don't have a lot of long sleeved stuff, and I have *one* sort of coat-ish item for her.  It's really just a light jacket that is part of an outfit.  Katie is currently dressed like a boy, because that's one of the long sleeved outfits I have for her.  Who cares, really, but it's nice to have people think she's a girl.  I imagine she will probably run into the same problem with that that Jenna had...EVERYONE thought she was a boy, sometimes even when she was dressed all in pink. 

-Jenna saw a picture of herself on the computer today and actually called herself by her name!  She has always said "Baby" when she sees a picture of herself, but she said "Daba", which is her word for "Jenna".

-About a week ago, Jenna started to string words together.  She has
said things like: Shoe light (her shoes light up when she walks), Daddy
coat, Katie milk, Jenna milk, Katie cry, Mommy laugh, Mommy cough, Daddy dance.  She
also has started to tell us what to do, like pointing to us and saying,
"Daddy kai?", and Braden has to pretend to cry.  It's pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

That's great news about Jenna!

I feel like I've been falling behind with my blogging and emailing. Such is life with a new baby.

Keep in touch!

Ker said...

You're right, such is life these days for both of us. If Katie weren't starting to sleep better, I still wouldn't be blogging.