Friday, November 21, 2008

Diaper Emergency

I thought you all might want to see what my husband does when faced with a diaper emergency.

Okay, now here's the situation: My parents went away on a...oh, sorry.

Okay, now here's the real situation: Braden was at his parentals' with Jenna on Sunday. They went to church down there and ended up staying for a bit to visit. Jenna poops, as she is wont to do, and Braden discovers that there are no Jenna diapers in the diaper bag. Katie diapers up the ying yang, but no Jenna diapers. (Note: this is why we need two diaper bags now. Additional note: I have been made fun of repeatedly for the diaper bag being too heavy from all the stuff I put in it, but *I* have never run out of diapers, ha HA!) Anyway, Braden calls me around 4pm and says he's going to come home because of the aforementioned situation. I go down for a nap, and I hear Braden come home later and put Jenna straight down for a nap. I get up later, along with Jenna, and Braden asks me to change her diaper. Perplexed and, dare I admit it, a little bit annoyed that he would let her sit in poop for hours, I go to change her diaper.

Folks, may I now present to you what I found upon pulling down her pants and then unsnapping her onesie:

"What in the sam hill is that??", you may ask. Or, in my case, "WHAT THE CRAP IS JENNA WEARING?" Turns out that Braden had in fact changed Jenna's poopy diaper at the Grandparents E's house, and he had used....duh dun dun: one of Granna's old diapers. Braden just wanted to see my face when I undressed Jenna. After I got over my shock, it *was* pretty funny. Nay, hilarious. In the last picture, you can see how high up on her it was. Geez, that must have been sooooo comfortable, especially to sleep in!

The lengths Braden will go to in order to see the look on my face...he will make his one-year-old sleep in Depends. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I laughed so hard!!
In fact, I was on the phone when I was looking at the pictures and I was supposed to be leaving a message with my contact information. The machine beeped for me to leave my info just as I started cracking up at Jenna's pictures! I couldn't hang up because it took me several minutes to get to the point where I could leave my call back info. So I'm sure who ever gets my message will wonder why the first several seconds are of some chick laughing her head off...followed by her address and phone number. :-)

annahannah said...

so so funny!! I thought I was going to see a "diaper" fashioned out of 6 Katie diapers taped together. lol

Braden said...

Carolyn: Glad to add some entertainment to an otherwise boring task.

annahannahnotamannabanana: That was the other option. The voices in my head fought it out and Granna won for the humor quality inherent.