Saturday, November 22, 2008

Paid Blogging

So I just read this post, and it got me thinking.  I know it's only $1 per post, and that can be lowered if you don't get a lot of traffic after a while...or you can be "fired" if you stink, but hey, $1.  I mean, my brother will pick up loose change on urinals, so a dollar that hasn't been on a surface in a public restroom is pretty cool.  :)  (I tease, I tease)

Anyway, I was just thinking about what I could blog about that would be of interest to others.  What topic would generate the most interest and is also a topic that I am either good at or interested in?  Hmm...

Let's see.  I like the following:

Being a Stay-at-Home Mom
Certain shows on TV

I'm not saying that I totally have time to do this.  I mean, hello, I'm still trying to get used to taking care of two kidditos.  The idea just interests me, though, and I'm wondering what I would post about if I were to do it.  I could do a music trivia one, but that's pretty specialized.  Or it'd be fun to do a quotes one or weird news one.  The original post is from a blogger who blogs about nonfiction books she reads, and she recently expanded it to include happenings at the library where she works.  I think it would be cool to also do a book blog, but that is a lot of work.  I don't know that I could commit to reading that many books, although I do love to read.  I should do one on TV shows...I sure have been watching a LOT of it lately while I feed Katie!  The problem with that, though, is that if you limit yourself to one show, then...well, just that, you limit yourself.  And if you review a bunch of shows, then that takes up a lot of time, plus you pretty much have to watch them as soon as they air, because people want to read about it that night or the next day.  I have shows from 3 weeks ago recorded on our DVR that I still haven't watched yet.  There would be a lot of pressure to watch them right away, and that's pressure I don't need. 

All in all, if I were to do this, it would really have to be something that I enjoy doing and would do anyway regardless of payment.  And, if it's a review blog, it certainly wouldn't be once a day; it would be more like once a week. 

Anyway, it's something to think about.   


LintyPuppy said...

I must have commitment issues because whenever I read about something like this, I get the same nauseated feeling that I get when someone wants me to babysit their kid(s) on a regular basis.

If it sounds good to you, then I say go for it...but I wouldn't want the burden of having to make myself sit down and write a blog post when I didn't have the time or the topic.

Ker said...

Hee hee...I like your analogy. No, I have commitment issues, too, which is why I probably won't end up doing it, although it does interest me.

Hava said...

I just found this post through Technorati, and wanted to say thanks for the link! I know what you're saying about commitment issues - I have them too, which is why I have gone through long spells of not posting. I was almost rebelling against the thought of having to put up a post, when I really didn't feel like it. My desire to post certainly comes and goes.

The good news is, Today is pretty flexible about it. They haven't kicked me out yet, despite the fact that I only posted once the entire month of October, and it was on the last day of the month. Whoops!

For me, just posting reviews of nonfiction books was too constricting. I had to add in something else, so I started posting stories of my work at the library too. That has really helped, and kept me going with this.

You'll have to tell me if you ever decide to do this. It's a pretty flexible and easy gig, and it seems like most people who start get addicted, so watch out! ;-) LOL!