Monday, November 24, 2008

Party At My Crib - 3 AM

Yesterday Braden lost track of time in the morning and forgot to get Jenna up until it was like an hour and a half past the time she usually gets up. If we don't get her right away when she wakes up, she usually will chatter away and entertain herself somehow. However, sometimes that source of entertainment is not quite what we would like.

So this is what Braden found upon entering Jenna's bedroom yesterday morning:

In the last picture, you can see a Pampers box right next to the crib. I had put a bunch of stuff on there that I've let her play with in the past; I was just trying to clean up her room a little bit. That stuff has been there probably for a few weeks with no mishap...until yesterday! She grabbed some books, the Huggies wipes holder, and more! Most importantly, she also got ahold of the nursing catalog on top and proceeded to tear it to shreds in her crib.

Fast forward to this morning, and this is what Braden found when he opened her bedroom door:

Quite the fashion statement, don't you think? She's done this before with other shirts.

Never a dull moment at our house, I tell you. :)