Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby, baby

Ok, but it's still one baby. They didn't mess up and miss another baby in there. I happen to think I would be a little bit bigger if I were having twins.

Sorry about the delay...I was playing phone tag for a little bit.

Anyway, we did have our ultrasound, and we are having another girl! It will be fun to do matching clothes with them. The ultrasound tech said that the baby looks perfectly healthy, and she was so active that it was hard for the tech to get some of the pictures! I guess we'll really have our hands full! She has all of her fingers and toes, which is always good to hear. She really was bouncing off the walls; I was actually surprised I didn't feel it more, but I guess the placenta is on top and serves as a kind of cushion to her kicks and punches. I do feel her kicking and moving sometimes, but I had no idea that she was that active!

I'm just going to keep guessing boy until I'm right. I just really feel like a boy will be coming to our family...eventually. He better hurry up! :)


annahannah said...

So now that the other grandmother saw Jenna walking, can THIS grandmother see it??? Please, please?

EveLeaf said...

I'm so happy for you!