Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some More Pics

Ker here again. I wanted to share these pics of Jenna from April 20th. She's wearing a dress from Granmom E., and it's a bit longer than a lot of her other dresses, although it still fits her. In any case, dresses in general are very hard to crawl in, and this dress was even worse for her, but very humorous for anyone who happened to be watching her attempts to crawl. What she settled on was making her legs completely straight while continuing to crawl normally with her hands. Hee hee. This was shortly before she began walking, and we were briefly tempted to just keep her in dresses until she figured out it is much easier to walk in a dress! I kid. No, Jenna actually learned in her own time and is doing a great job with walking now. Anyway, here are some (blurry) pics:

On an unrelated note, I was looking around in a Burlington Coat Factory a few weeks ago and came across some interesting Diego and Dora face puppets. They seriously looked like scary old ladies or something. Certainly not the friendly, inviting faces we all know and love. Take a look:

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annahannah said...

Dora and Diego are seriously scary.