Thursday, May 29, 2008


I still have a few phone calls I want to make, but dang peeps have to live on the East Coast! As in, it's much too late to call them right now, so I won't post the babial gender until I've talked to them. We were able to find out what we're having, so that's good. And it's really annoying that they keep telling me I'm not as far along as I think I am. Maybe the due date really is October 27th. But, dang it, I've already moved back one day! I like to pick a date and stay with it, and I don't like the constant shifting around because the baby happens to be measuring a couple of days smaller than what we're thinking.

Anyway, I certainly am very grateful for what looks like a very active, healthy baby. I'm also grateful for a Heavenly Father who reassures me when I feel like a woefully inadequate parent. There's a line in my patriarchal blessing that says I'll be blessed with the strength to be a strong, wise mother who knows how to raise her children. Heavenly Father sure knew what He was doing when He put that in there, because since I have become a mother, that line has comforted me when nothing else can, and I mean it has really calmed my soul and made me feel at peace when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing as a parent. It sure helped me calm down today!

Anyway, the Schmenna is in bed, and I've got a movie due back at the library tomorrow, and fines are $1.00 per day. I'd say that's incentive to watch it, wouldn't you? :)

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annahannah said...

Dang people have to live on the WEST coast. come back!! come back!!!

Wow, the widget baby grew today. Looks huge, esp if you look at my blog where you and carolyn are next to each other.