Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's Goin' On

Sorry for the delay in postage. First of all, the "picture" of Blakely, to the left, is huge! He/she is getting so long and skinny. Kind of like Jenna's feet. I wonder who she gets that from...

And speaking of Blakely, we find out (hopefully) tomorrow morning-ish if it is a he or a she. Like I put on ExpectNet and in an earlier post, I think it's a boy, but I'm not set on it like I was with Jenna. I'll be surprised if it's another girl, but not flat out shocked like last time. I just think it's funny that such a tomboy could have two girls right in a row. I may have to learn how to braid hair, aaaaaaaaaaah!! I'm sure I'll adapt if that's the case; I'll just have to ask some girly-girls for advice on girlish behavior. :)

In other news, the semi battle of non-wills continues. Jenna is doing a little better, but she still has a tendency to randomly pull off her glasses, especially if I leave the room. How dare I go to the bathroom!!! I have also tried the art of redirection, which actually rarely works, even though I'm quite animated about it. She is single to the eye of taking her glasses off once she starts. That girl is determined! I have actually become so frustrated on three occasions that I put her in the pack-n-play in the closet and shut the door for a few minutes, because I know she hates it in there. Boy, does that ever make me feel like a mean mommy! I have only done that if I know that she is being deliberately disobedient, which means ignoring my "NO, Jenna! Leave your glasses on", throwing them at me while running away and shouting "UHHHH!" That, my friends, I will not tolerate. I know she understands to keep them on, and when she acts like that, we need to do something else, and that's where the pack-n-play comes in. And actually, those occasions were also an opportunity for me to step away and calm down, too. Have you ever known that you needed to get away from a situation immediately? Yeah. There's just something about a child being deliberately disobedient that gets my goat like nothing else! However, the vast majority of the time, we just say "No. You need to keep your glasses on." and we put them back on her.
She may not understand why we want the glasses on, but she's a smart kiddo and she gets that we do want them on her. Overall, I think it's getting better, slowly, but it's still an ongoing battle.

And here's a thought: maybe you'd be able to see through them better if you wouldn't, oh, I don't know, rub them up and down the vent, try to force a lid shut on them, throw them over the baby gate onto the hard floor, etc!!! There are scratches galore on these glasses, let me tell you. And today, I had to call Braden at work to figure out where they were, because I absolutely could not find them this morning. I was worried, because part of the reason we had so much trouble a few months ago was because we lost them for a week, and Jenna didn't want to keep them on at all after that. That time, apparently she had buried them in one of her toy bins. Anyway, so I called Braden today, and he said, thinking back, that it was entirely possible that he put her to bed with them still on, because he was so out of it last night. Well, that was enough to make me start looking around her crib....and there they were, all the way under the crib, folded all nicely and half a foot from the wall. I'm still not quite sure how she managed to get them in that position, but hey, at least they have been found!

We will post the results of the ultrasound when we get back tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Carolyn said...

I'm so excited to hear the ultrasound news! Don't leave us hanging for long. :)

annahannah said...

I remember a little girl who lost her glasses walking home from school. Because they were in her pocket from the time she left our house until just before she got home. hmmmm. I really remember my bewilderment at how you can lose your glasses off your face without noticing it. Silly me.