Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crispy Christy

This is from babynamesworld, when I looked up Christy:

"My third grade teacher botched one day in geography class and said "Corpus Crispy" in place of "Corpus Christi," and after that people called me Crispy for a while."

Let's just say that this made me laugh...a lot.

Also, Mom, thank your lucky stars you weren't a kid in the Simpsons era, because many with your name said that they were called Krusty the Clown!


Carolyn said...

Wow, this is weird! Have you known about babynameworld for long? I just stumbled across that site myself yesterday when looking for baby name. In fact, I found the site so cool that I tried to blog about it. All yesterday Blogger was being annoying and wouldn't let me post. I couldn't get my post up until this morning! Then I find that you posted about the same website too. How strange is that?? :-) Did you find any good baby names?

annahannah said...

Actually in college there was someone who called me crispy critter.

Ker said...

Hee hee...sorry, Carolyn, I forgot to mention that I got the site from you. I guess Blogger really did post it, because Braden and I read it last night.

Otherwise, I don't think I would have known about the Suitable for a Baby Name feature. Thanks for sharing that!