Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Guessing Game

Hello faithful fans!

As we approach our mid-prego ultrasound, it is time to kick the guessing game into high gear. For all those who care, please pop on over to ExpectNet and plug in at least your guess for Blakely's gender... and while you are there, add in your guess for weight, length, and birthday, too.

Winner gets something cool.


Carolyn said...

How do we log in to put in our guesses?

Braden said...

Oops... I thought I had linked directly to the game, but I guess not. In the upper left hand corner, you can type in bkellis and it should take you to the game. Let me know if that doesn't work.

dan said...

I was lookingat jenna's "game" (i guessed ellis as game name) and I was looking at the scoring.

It said fewest points "wins" but wrong gender got 0 points - meaning that the winner (my cousin Linda) guessed boy?

Is that what you intended?

Braden said...

We do the game in two parts. For those who go and guess the baby's gender before we know, there is some fun in guessing what the gender will be. It would be unfair, however, to include the gender in scoring the final tally because many people who guessed on the game already knew the gender when they guessed. That would give them an advantage over those who did not know when they guessed.


annahannah said...

but that's like saying that if you guessed the correct sex pre ultrasound than it doesn't count.

Braden said...

No, that's like saying that there are really two contests. One that is just a fun way to guess what the baby's gender will be (a 50% chance game) and one that is more comprehensive to determine that the baby will share Ryan's birthday.