Friday, May 16, 2008

A Little Good Tubes

Some YouTube videos (and a couple from Metacafe) that I have come across lately:

1. I love Mr. Bean. This may just be my favorite Bean clip.*

2. Manny Ramirez not only makes an amazing catch in Left Field, he then turns around and throws to first in time to double-up the runner who was off the base. So what, you say? How about throwing in a high-five to a fan right in the middle? Impressed now? Me neither. I did that yesterday just because I was bored.

3. Now to get you angry. Here we have a Dad going to jail because his daughter didn't pass the GED. I'm sure there is more going on in the background here, but even trying to consider the most generous scenario, this is still pretty outrageous. In fact, the lawyer they bring on to argue for the judge's side has to admit that it is out there.

4. Back to baseball, what are the odds of this happening?

5. Finally, a hidden-camera prank that involves switching out the signs on the changing rooms at a beach so that the guys walk into the ladies changing room. There are a few swimsuits shown but nothing more than you would see at the YMCA that I saw.

* You can't hold me to this, because I pretty much love every Bean clip and could claim them all as favorites.


annahannah said...

Mr. Bean was definitely funny. I died (well almost) when the guy picked up his cane.

You have to stop stealing video from MLB!! I wonder if the last one (#4) was the triple play by the Indians recently (I have trouble saying the guys name) (and also, obviously, of spelling it).

The dad going to jail. Well, I just cannot even fathom it. Dang, I'd have to move out of his jurisdiction. I'm sure the dad will be ever so pleased with his daughter when he gets out. Sheeesh.

annahannah said...

Like you could ever force a kid to learn and perform. Dang, I just gotta stop.