Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yes, the Bear is walking. As of about a week ago, although she still crawls from time to time if walking isn't doing it for her fast enough. I shall endeavor to get some pictures and videos up sometime, if Jenna ever lets me out of the living room and onto the computer, which has been extremely rare lately.

Allow me to explain: I have a term I like to use when Jenna is not in a good mood: "Cranky booty". As in "Jenna is cranky booty today." Not "Jenna is A cranky booty", just so we're clear.

Jenna is CRANKY BOOTY. She has been since, I don't know, last Friday or so? Either the teething has gotten more painful, or there are more teeth coming in, or I don't even know. I kept her home from church on Sunday, and man, was THAT ever an excellent call. She was worse on Sunday than she'd been on Saturday, and she was pretty bad on Saturday. And that was on a full night's sleep, which she would not have gotten if I'd taken her to church, since Braden worked at 7am, and I'd have had to drive him. Don't you just feel soooooo tempted to let your kid sleep in the crib and run real quick to drop your husband off at work? Yes, you do. I can sense it. And sometimes I'm tempted, too. But I don't give in.

For which I deserve a Butterfinger Blizzard. Thank you.

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annahannah said...

12 month/one year molars are usually crankybooty