Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some Walking Pictures

This is Kerry. My computer is dumb and slow, and therefore will not let me put any more stuff on it. I need to do a thorough cleaning and get rid of old files and such. I have no motivation to do that right now, though, so in the meantime, I am using Braden's computer to post pictures and videos.

These are from last Saturday when we were at the mall down south and introduced Jenna to the bigger play area there. She later had fun pushing the stroller backwards until Braden's patience was tested and he ended up putting her in it...much faster that way!


Carolyn said...

That's so awesome to see her walking around! She looks really grown up now. And to think she'll be a big sister soon! :-)

annahannah said...

Thanks for the pics. She really does look different vertical. And I see she has her glasses on. And you're posting as braden.

G.Ellis said...


G.Ellis said...

Ahh! I'm back on! I've been following your posts but haven't been able to comment. Now I can. Great!

Very cute - she looks so grown-up...and serious. Course, she usually looks very serious.