Thursday, July 3, 2008

Schtuff and More

So I take it the Cincy peeps have internet again, or Mom is back home, since when I went to check my email, she'd made like seven comments. :) Yay for comments!!

The bananas have sadly gone the way of all the earth as of a few days ago. I was busy doing other things and couldn't get around to using them, plus we were getting pretty sick of banana bread from my massive batch with other bananas. I thought about freezing them, but it slipped my mind, and the next thing you know, they're past using. Bananas always sneak up on me that way.

Jenna, as we speak, continues her quest to mess up Daddy's races on MarioKart, but she does it oh-so-cutely. She has planted herself firmly on his lap on the beanbag, and I said, "Admit it: you love her little booty. That's cute!"

Well, there is some stuff I would like to write about a particular freelance job I've been doing, but suffice it to say that I was up till 3am working on it due to a miscommunication, when I could have easily cut our family visit short and come back home with enough time to do it and get to bed on time. Instead, I didn't discover that there was more work to do until 10:30pm last night. Kerry was not a happy camper! In this case, I was working with a different person than the one I usually work with, and I guess the former does things a little differently than the latter. I do like her, though; she seems pretty cool. Anyway...I'm really, really tired, although Braden let me nap for a while this afternoon; thank you, hubbin!!


annahannah said...

I came home yesterday. As for comments, I live to please :)

dan said...

And we now have Internet!

Ker said...


Has it been two weeks already, Mom?