Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mongolian Grill

The good:

* The wait staff (probably the owner's son and daughter) were very careful to ensure that my water glass was always full.

* When I got back to my table after getting my food, there was a fancy dancy bamboo bowl (with a lid and a little cutout so that the spoon could be in the bowl and the lid still fit) with fried rice in it along with an eggroll with sweet and sour sauce and some tasty egg-drop soup.

* Little strips of potatoes!

* I left quite satisfied

The bad:

* The restaurant just didn't quite feel clean.

* The wait staff was at my table every 2 minutes filling up the glass that I had only taken a sip out of since the last time they were there.

* The bigger strips of potato had not cooked all the way through.

* I left 15 dollars poorer. That's right. 15 dollars. (including 2 for the tip)

* Front and center on the entry door (you know, where there should be a sign with the name of the restaurant or a welcome sign or some such biz) is a handwritten sign that says, "sorry, no public restroom"

The ugly:
* The no public restroom sign was just one of about a dozen hand-written (and often grammatically incorrect - or at least confusing) signs disbursed around the restaurant.

* Apparently the lights weren't working.

* Neither was the girl who was busy opening up her new portable DVD player.

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