Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prego Probs

I'm only 24 weeks along, and I'm already tired of my belly getting in the way.

This can't bode well for my future.

I really just wanted to say, "This can't bode well for my future." :)


The Clarks said...

You are so funny! My belly gets in the way all the time too! So guess what? Do you remember Josh McAdams?? I can't remember what ward he was actually in. But he and his brothers were kind of hot items for a while? He's actually in my ward here in Utah...well...he just qualified for the Olympics and will be running in the steeple chase in Bejing this summer! crazy huh? I'm so proud of a fellow Ohioan!

Carolyn said...

I hear ya sister. I'm only 23 weeks along and I feel like I've been pregnant for ever. And being pregnant makes me feel so frumpy and uncool. I want to look all sassy and stylish but most of my maternity clothes are more than 8 years old!! It's especially bad in summer pregnancies because my winter wardrobe is much more stylish.
I'm so excited to be pregnant at the same time as you!

Ker said...

Jen - I don't remember Josh, but I'll watch for him at the Olympics!

Carolyn - I know, it's pretty exciting! And my maternity clothes are more stylish in the fall/winter, too, mainly because I didn't need maternity clothes during the summer with Jenna, so I don't have much. What I wouldn't do for some maternity capris!