Monday, July 7, 2008

Quotes About Jenna

While playing outside:
Neighbor girl: "He can get on the bike."
Ker: "It's a girl."
NG: "Oh. She kind of looks like a boy."(In Jenna's defense, she had boyish jams and brown sandals on)
Ker: "I know. But her hair is getting longer!"
[Braden said later: You've gotta love the honesty of kids.]

After a bath, Jenna had a bath hoodie on that used to be a lot bigger on her:
Braden: "There's nothing quite as funny as being mooned by a baby."
(Every time she went to get on the couch or bent over, she mooned us.)

Upon hearing Jenna's nonstop baby babble, Braden's brother David had this to say:
"She sounds like a turkey."
(I thought this was hilarious, because it's so true! I just never thought of it.)

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