Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kerry Continues Her Gross Streak (aka Don't Read This If You're Vegetarian)

I just read a recipe that reminded me of one of my pet peeves when it comes to ingredients. If anything, ANYTHING calls for "processed cheese food" or something similar, it's right out. As in I stop reading the recipe. That is one of the most disgusting "ingredients" I have ever heard of.

Also, I'm a meat eater, but whatever that machine is that is used to make ground meat is so gross. I can't even watch the meat come out of the machine. It looks like little worms...YUCK! We were watching Iron Chef America, and one of the challengers was using it for chicken. I had to cover my eyes.


annahannah said...

If you eat single american cheese slices all wrapped individually, you are eating processed cheese food. That's why I get them not wrapped, and you will see on it,
"american cheese". Check the labels.

Ker said...

...and that would be why I hate American cheese! I must have instinctively known that it was processed cheese food, even as a little kid. :)

annahannah said...

no, i always bought the real stuff, not cheese food.