Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Will It End???

This cold/flu season has by far been the worst ever. I realize that now I have two kids who are very capable of catching colds and whatever else, but geez!!

When I went to get Jenna up this morning, she sounded the worst I've ever heard her. And I mean she sounded like 50 frogs were in her throat, all clamoring to get out at once. Poor thing. She also felt really hot to me. She's stuffed up and really miserable. It's been a rough day for both of us, since I have to deal with a lot of whining and crying, which is hard for me, but at the same time, I try to handle it as best I can because I know she doesn't feel well. I think she's feeling a little better now, since I gave her some Tylenol and am trying to make sure she's hydrated. This was actually the first time she refused to take the tylenol; every other time she just drank it right down. I had to bribe her with some VeggieTales.

Anyway, we were supposed to go down to the pregnancy center for our monthly appointment (we can go until Katie's 1), but I had to cancel because Jenna was so sick. I was really bummed about that, since it's hard to get another appointment soon, but I was able to get one in two weeks. Usually I have to wait another month, so that's pretty lucky.

Here's hoping Jenna gets better soon and doesn't pass it along to any of the rest of us! :)

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