Friday, March 13, 2009

What's This? What's This?

I do believe about one minute of searching Google yielded me this result. And I do believe that's a French Silk Pie on the home page. I dream of French Silk Pie. I dream of it on March 8th. But I'll settle for having it on a different day in March, if it comes to that. Oh, yes.

Mmm...French Silk Pie. ;) ;)

I love you, Braden.

(I had a lot of fun writing this post...I crack myself up.)


annahannah said...

Well, since March 8th is past, here's hoping you get one sometime in March. If Braden can't take THIS hint, he's blind. You crack me up, too.

Prayers for the Bear.

annahannah said...

okay, it's april...did you get your french silk pie, or is your hubby oblivious??