Thursday, March 12, 2009

Primary Quote(s) of the Week

During the Sharing Time Primary lesson on Mothers:
(Senior Primary)
Ker: What else do mothers do?
8 year old boy: (very softly) They kill.
Ker: What?
Boy: They kill. They're killers.
Ker: Oh, they're healers!! Yes, yes. Thank you for your comment.
(I know I wasn't the only one who heard "killers", because the Primary chorister started laughing behind the chalkboard. I leaned back and said, "I bet I know what you're laughing at!"

Another quote said randomly when I was looking for other answers from the Junior Primary:
7 year old girl: People die.
Ker: Okay! (moves right along to the next subject...)


Carolyn said...

These are the moments that make me miss primary!

Glen and Rachel said...

Man, I miss out on all the good stuff hanging out in the back.

Ker said...

I know! Apparently the kiddos had death on the brain this past Sunday. :)