Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'll save this person maybe a little bit of embarrassment and not say where I got it (it's easy to look up, though). I found the following review while looking at fitness dvds on Amazon:

"I'm sorry girls but I didn't like this one, the instructer is just a little to peppy, and the ladies following her just look like manicanes. Not just that but it wasn't as hard as I like it, I perfer to sweat up a storm, also some of the moves I have never seen before and didn't feel like they were working anything. Definitly, the cardio part was way to low impact for me I perfer a heart pumping working this one is more just movement. The band was different but I also didn't feel like it worked too much. Also, the lightening, and backgrounds, and the way it was shot was a little cheesy. I also own the Women's Health Wedding Workout and it is awesome it really makes you sweat and incorpartes alot athletic moves. So far it's my fave!"

I've highlighted my favorite new word. Is that like a man-hurricane? Maybe it's a new superhero. :)

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Ryan said...

That can't be it -- if they were like man-hurricanes they'd have to be moving around frenetically (probably in circles?) and the cardio workout would no way be classified as "way to [sic] low impact".

Must be something else :)