Monday, December 22, 2008

I Have To Post About This

I see a lot of misspelled words every day on the Internet, but every once in a while, I come across one that makes me laugh out loud and then drop my jaw in disbelief.  This was one of them (go to the 8th comment after the post).

"You may think I'm crazy, but I stock your blog! I think you are amazing and you have inspired me!!"

Let's see that one more time:

"I stock your blog!"

With what?  A year's supply?  Eggplant?  Parmesan?

Why can't I have more blog stockers?  My blog shelves are, like, totally empty.

"I stock your blog!"

1 comment:

LintyPuppy said...

I thought it was quite a clever play on words, considering the blog was about using the crock pot, and you have to put some kind of liquid in there to cook the food.

Guess I missed the boat on that one.