Friday, December 19, 2008


In the midst of cleaning out the pantry, I found a jar of soup ingredients all packed together.  It's Wild Rice and Barley soup, and I've had it for I don't know how many years.  I believe I got it at a Relief Society Homemaking Meeting somewhere...I think it was at some singles branch I attended.  Since I've been married for over three years, I know it's at least that old, and I'll add on a few more years because I think I had it in Cleveland.  Pretty much I've just been lugging it around from place to place, each time thinking, "Huh.  I should use that or throw it out."  And each time, I do neither! 

Until now, my friends. 

The soup has been made. 

And it makes a LOT, let me tell you.  "Put mix in a large soup pot and add 14 cups of water."  I got out my biggest pot and promptly reversed the directions, because I figured it would be less intelligent (read: really dumb) to put the mix in first and then discover that my largest pot doesn't hold 14 cups of water.  But it does!  Oh, yes, it does.  So we were golden. 

So I'm sitting here going through Google Reader and thinking that it would have been funny to say to whoever gave me the jar back in the day, "Thank you so much!  I'll be sure to make this sometime in the next decade!"  :)

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