Saturday, December 6, 2008


Jenna now actually says her own name on a regular basis.  It used to be that she would say, "Baby!" when she would see her picture, but now she says "Daba!"  We don't know where she gets "Daba" from, but there you go.  Now, if she wants milk, for example, she'll say, "Be Daba na?"  That means "Please Jenna milk?"  She will also say what she is thankful for instead of thanking whoever got it for her.  If I get her milk, she'll say, "Diggy na" or "Thank you milk."  I have to remind her to say thank you to me.  :)

She'll also say, "I love you, Daddy", which is "Lubby Daddy."  Whenever we tried to get her to say it before, she would say, "Bye Daddy!" 

Also...yesterday, she started saying, "No!"  I'm not sure if it was because she didn't get much of a nap and was just really tired, but she was Miss MegaBrat starting from when we got home a little after 5pm.  I ended up retreating into my bedroom early last night, partly because I was so tired, but partly because I needed a break from the kiddos, especially Jenna.  She was driving me crazy!  Braden actually got really excited when I told him how Jenna was acting, because he was like, "I can't wait until she tries that with me!"  I said, "Do you think I'm letting her get away with it??"  :)

Katie has this routine where she'll sleep between 3-4 hours at a time at night, but then when it gets to be 6-7am, she'll wake up every 30-45 minutes.  It's really annoying!  So I'll get up and try to feed her more, and she doesn't eat much and falls asleep again, so I go back upstairs to bed, and sure enough, about 40 minutes later, she's crying again.  She did it again this morning, and the third time, I put her in the swing and just stayed on the couch.  That seemed to work pretty well, so I think I will try that the first time the next time this happens (probably tomorrow morning). 

FYI: I started a post on Monday and just finished it today, so it is listed as posted on Monday, even though I only posted it a few minutes ago.  So be sure not to miss the new pictures!


CarolynMiller27 said...

Ezra has the same sleeping problem. He sleeps in 3-4 hour chunks for the first part of the night. But by 5 or 6 in the morning he won't stay asleep, even though I know he's not ready to wake up. It's very annoying to snuggle down in my bed to have Ezra wake up 30 minutes later! I too put Ezra in his swing at that time and it helps him to stay asleep until 7 or so. He's really good at about sleeping at night and waking up for the day at 7 or 7:30.

Ker said...

Yep, I think the swing is the way to go.