Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can It Be Possible?

We may very well have a white Christmas here in Western Washington. It looks like this everywhere, and Christmas vacation apparently came three days early for school-age kiddos this year.

And now church has been cancelled. We had about four phone calls telling us this, so I think we're certain that it's cancelled. We may have another 43 messages on my phone by tomorrow, I don't know.

Can I admit something? Maybe I'm bad to the bone, but...I'm glad I get out of doing Sharing Time tomorrow. :-O (Even though the first counselor suggested that I play her 18 minute Christmas Oranges DVD, and I obliged...but ONLY because she suggested it, of course! What do you think of me??)


Donna Shoop said...

We have church canceled, too. I guess the whole stake and Oly stake is canceled. Lucky you getting out of sharing time... I only got out of hall duty, my favorite primary assignment! :) What is a Christmas oranged dvd?

Ker said...

Hey Donna,

I changed my post to link to the DVD I was referring to. It's a cute story, and it would have been great for Sharing Time, but I'll live. ;)

Donna Shoop said...

Thanks, I was just looking at and thinking, well I feel dumb, its linked, I'm glad to know it was after I looked at it the first time! ;)