Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Tongue in Cheek Sort-of New Year's Resolution

A recent verbal exchange, inspired by the sight of Kerry's library haul:

K: I have so many interests that my past interests just lie there on the shelf!
B: You are so my father! Hi, Godfrey.
K: But he actually finishes stuff.

It is my New Year's resolution to resolve to try to attempt to maybe finish what I start. Perhaps. Maybe. I'll try my darndest. There will be darnding in the attemptness of my trying.


Carolyn said...

dan has told me about 1000 times in the past few days that unless you actually write it down, it's not a real goal. and if you don't write it down, then it's unlikely that you'll accomplish your goal. so write it down. :-)

annahannah said...

i love what you do to words.