Thursday, January 17, 2008

news, news and more news

It has been almost 2 weeks since I/we last posted. Sorry for the wait, ya'll. I just got less bloggy and more other-stuff-y.

No, but seriously, folks. Seriously. A lot has gone on. I mean, we've considered living in a tiki hut, for goodness sake.

Jenna had her eye appointment, and the doctor said she wants Jenna to continue to wear her glasses, and she will observe her again in 2 months. Unfortunately, she also said, "I just want to prepare you, but she will most likely need surgery." So, that isn't the best news. We're just glad we caught it early. So Jenna will probably be about a year old when she has her surgery, which is better for anesthesia anyway. The eye doctor also said that Jenna still crosses her eyes a little bit with her glasses on, which we hadn't noticed. All in all, not what I was expecting to hear.

Also, as you all are aware, Braden has been an RN for a few weeks now. He's been actively searching for an RN position in the ER, and at first really had no luck. I was beginning to think he'd have to suck it up and work on the hospital floor (which he really didn't want to do)...and then not one, not two, but THREE ERs called and wanted to interview him for full-time positions. One was 30-35 mins away, one 35-40 mins and the furthest away was about 45-50 mins from where we currently live. Braden had all three interviews last Friday, and then we found out early this week that all three want to hire him. After much consideration, we've decided to go with the closest one (also the smallest, but it does have 6 more ER beds than the next biggest one). Braden accepted the position yesterday and gave his notice to his current employer. He should have a couple of days free in the next two weeks to begin orienting at the new hospital, though. Or is that "orientating"? You tell me, Bear Grylls.

Based on our decision, which I think we basically made last week, we've found a nice place down the road from Braden's new job. It gets hard to commute 35+ min (depending on traffic, which is heavy with Seattle commuters) when you've only got one car. This is earlier than we expected to move, but things are really falling into place, and we feel good about the job and the place we found. Vancouver was a great option, but they weren't able to give us an answer when we needed to know what our chances were, since they don't even start interviewing until Feb 1st, and then we wouldn't even know until probably a week or more later if Braden got the position. The contact person told Braden that he was probably better off taking the position he had in hand, and then coming to Vancouver in a year or two as a regular RN instead of a resident/intern. It all goes to show, when you think you know where you'll be in a you really have any idea?? I wouldn't have thought we'd be going where we're going, that's for sure!


dan said...

The testing lab here at work is called the "Tiki Hut". You're welcome to move here if you want. It's kind of cramped, and you would have to deal with people "working" during regular business hours, but on the plus side, at least there are free donuts in there occasionally...

annahannah said...

good to hear from you. boo, surgery. did he send any resumes out here-ish???? :-)